New golden era of BiH industry

The geo-strategic position of Bosnia Herzegovina - in the heart of Yugoslavia - defined the concept of its industrial development in the new state. It was planned for primary and secondary industrial production and for development of special-purpose industry. However, in the 1960s, within the framework of the specialpurpose industry, particularly in the metal processing sector, a new structural organisation of companies was introduced through the merging of companies into the major systems.

Thus, in the area of metal processing industry, companies such as Unis, Unionivest and Famos in Sarajevo, as well as Soko in Mostar, were created. Energoinvest was formed in the energy sector, while in the area of wood processing, this was the time of formation of Šipad in Sarajevo, Konjuh in Živinice and Krivaja in Zavidovići.

In the agricultural sector and food production, companies such as UPI in Sarajevo, Hepok in Mostar and Agrokomerc in Velika Kladuša were developed. In the textile industry, companies such as Alhos in Sarajevo, and Borac in Travnik were established, and in the area of trade, Feroelektro in Sarajevo, Borac in Travnik and many others. In terms of the infrastructure and scale, the Borac retail chain was among the largest in Yugoslavia. Consumer goods were also marketed.

At the beginning, these were mainly licenced products, e.g. Pretis' production of motorcycles and cars that was taken over from German NSU Company, but there was a gradual development of their own products. The Sarajevo-based Energoinvest was the first to form its own Design Centre in 1969, trying to develop a domestic brand of car.