This book's purpose is to provide a space for researchers in the field of cultural anthropology of Bosnia and Herzegovina, including the development of design, architecture and arts, as well as all forms of social life.
Austro-Hungarian period
The period of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (1918-1929)
The period of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia (1929-1941)
The period of the Independent State of Croatia
People's Liberation war in Yugoslavia
The period of Socialist Yugoslavia
The period of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Post-Dayton period
Post-Dayton period in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Šejla Kamerić


    No teeth…? A moustache…? Smel like shit…? Bosnian girl!

  • Danis Tanović

    Director of No Man's Land

    This is for my country, this is for Bosnia!

  • Mirko Ilic

    At that time, foreign books were very expensive in Yugoslavia. In one of my visits Nikola Konstantinovic proudly showed me his new trophy, the book Milton Glaser – Graphic Design.

  • Milton Glaser

    The slogan I ❤NY went beyond any expectations I had of its reach.
    For reasons that are not fully understandable, it’s still everywhere.


Milton Glaser and Sarajevo

Milton Glaser created posters for Sarajevo on two occasions. The first was in 1983. Then the International Olympic Committee asked him to create a poster for the promotion of the XIV Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo. He offered two designs. One with an antique pole as the motif and another with the motif of a skier. Both were also produced as prints and are held today in the collection of the International Olympic Committee as well as the collection of the Museum of the XIV Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo (Collection of the Olympic Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Selman Selmanagić

Selman Selmanagić (Srebrenica, 1905 - Berlin, 1986). An architect, urban planner, designer and German university professor, Selman Selmanagić is the only Bauhaus graduate from the former Yugoslavia and the only person from Bosnia and Herzegovina whose name appears with the names of representatives of the European and world avant-garde in twentieth-century art.

Čedomir Kostović

Čedomir Kostović (Sarajevo, 1952). He earned his BFA and MFA degrees from the Sarajevo Academy of Fine Arts, where he taught graphic design until 1991. Invited as an Artist in Residence, he spent one year at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.