Bosnian carpets - the first designed industrial products from Bosnia

In his book Genom Bosnien och Hercegovina, originally published in Swedish in Jonköpingin 1904 (Bosnian edition entitled Kroz Bosnu i Hercegovinu was published in Uppsala in 2005 translated by Dr. Izet Muratspahić), Dr. August Heimer mentions that, as a member of an international geodetic expedition in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he also visited the Sarajevo Carpet Factory.

He wrote:

"Since the value of Bosnian carpets mainly lies in their Oriental character, a Persian dyer was employed by the factory; his task was not only to revive old patterns in their previous classic purity, but to draw new, original Oriental motives".

Although his name was not mentioned in the text, from today's perspective, we can say that this Persiandyer was the first industrial designer in Bosnia and Herzegovina who made "drawings of new, original carpet motives". In the years between 1936-1950 in the factory of carpets in Sarajevo as the designer worked Hamdo Sijerčić.