Oriental Bosnian style of furniture design

Dr. Ćiro Truhelka - a historian and curator of the National Museum in Sarajevo - was a strong promoter of Bosnia and its cultural heritage. As curator, he prepared and presented to European public the cultural and economic potential of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the world fairs held in Vienna in 1896, Budapest in 1898, and particularly in Paris in 1900.

In 1906, he personally designed and produced, with the help of a carpenter, the Oriental style furniture for his own home. This room is now held in the repository of the Cantonal Institute for the Protection of Cultural and Historical Heritage in Sarajevo under the name of "Ćiro Truhekla's Bosnian Room".

This room has all the characteristics of Oriental Bosnian style in the production of furniture as it is lavishly decorated with relief ornaments, woodworks and mother-of-pearl inlays (done by Truhelka himself). This type of furniture was particularly popular in that era but also later, during the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Today, the firm Rukotvorine from Konjic produces furniture in this style as the continuation of traditional craft of the Nikšić family that began in 1927.