Bosnian style of furniture design in architecture between two world war

Adem Nikšić was the founder (1927) and owner of the "first and the most precise walnut wood engravingworkshop", in Konjic; his intention was to make furniture in Bosnian-Arabic and Constantinople Style (vine tree). The shop has continued cultivating traditional craft of wood engraving in Bosnia and Herzegovinain the production of furniture. As of 1996, the workshop operates under the name Braća Nikšić, and today it is known as Rukotvorine.

Since 2014, the firm has begun developing their own brand - Zanat - engaging wellknown Bosnian (Salih Teskeredžić, Jasna Mujkić) and foreign designers (Monica Forster and Gert Wingardh from Sweden and Harri Koskinen from Finland). The result of the superb quality of their furniture is proven by numerous design awards won in the recent years at the furniture fairs in Köln, New York, Stockholm, and others.