1943 - Oslobođenje, cover (Ilustration Ismet Mujezinović, October 9, No. 3)

The majority of Bosnian and Herzegovinian intellectuals, public figures, writers and artists opted for the people's liberation movement, particularly those gathered around the Collegium Artisticum club. The newspaper published by the People's Liberation Movement Oslobođenje was launched in 1943. Vojo Dimitrijević, Skender Kulenović and numerous others were involved in its publication.

In 1942, Skender Kulenović wrote his famous poem "Stojanka majka Knežopoljka". In should also be mentioned that, for the members of the Communist Party of Yugoslavia, this period of struggle for liberation of Yugoslavia was at the same time the period of socialist revolution - this had a special impact on the development of political, social, economic and cultural life in Yugoslavia and in Bosnia and Herzegovina after the liberation in 1945.