Olympic Games in Sarajevo

The XIV Winter Olympic Games held in February 1984 in Sarajevo revitalized the town and made it known throughout the world not only as the venue of assassination of the Duke Ferdinand which ignited the outbreak of the WW I, but as the town of sports, youth, culture and most importantly, friendly and hospitable people.

For the purpose of participation of Sarajevo in the venue contest for the XIV Olympic Games, Olympic logo was created by Miroslav Antonić Roko, as well as a poster by Dragan S. Stefanović and a catalogue by Branko Bačanović. When Sarajevo was officially awarded the venue for the XIV Olympic Games, several teams were formed to carry out various assignments for the preparation of this significant manifestation.

Branko Bačanović and Čedomir Kostović redesigned Olympic sign and a book of graphic standards. Ismar Mujezinović worked on the colour system. Jože Trobec, an author from Slovenia, made the Olympic mascot Vučko. A pictogram system for Olympic disciplines was designed by Radomir Vuković from Belgrade. Official posters for the Olympics were made by Čedomir Kostović, Radmila Jovandić, Lora Levi and Srđan Kokoruš. Vanja Popović designed the costumes for the official opening ceremony. Coloured drawings by Ismar Mujezinović featuring marshal arts were transformed into a series of eight Olympic posters. Many considered that XIV Olympic Games were the best-organized Olympic games of that time, and Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina remained in memory as a special experience.