• Dvije polovine srca (movie poster)

  • Olympic Museum (poster)

  • Sarajevo Winter (poster)

  • Pašić-Tadić (poster)

  • Gamlet, NPS

  • Don Juan (poster)


Branko Bačanović - Bambi

Branko Bačanović (Sarajevo, 1952) is graphic designer. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina 1977. He exhibited at many solo and selective exhibitions in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad USA, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Poland, Finland, France, Belgium, Cuba, Bulgaria, Germany, Slovakia, Algeria, Japan, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Slovenia.

During the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo, ZOI '84, he was in team of designing Manual of graphics standards: Branko Bačanović, Čedomir Kostović (designers), Mladen Kolobarić (team manager), Ismar Mujezinović, Hrvoje Malić (consultants), Emir Kadić (collaborator on graphic originals) and Alija Hafizović (special design adviser of the Organizing Comitee).

Bačanović tried his hand at all forms of graphic design: full visual identity of events and companies, system of visualization in interior and exterior, design of books and monographs and various illustrations. His narrow specialization is the poster in culture, and he is also outstanding for introducing, in B&H theatres, the treatment of theatre poster as part of the play. Bačanović authored posters for cult movies of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Yugoslav cinematography "Do You Remember Dolly Bell" and "When Father Was Away on Business" by Emir Kusturica, and he also visually refined Dubravko Lovrenović's cult monography "Stećci" (Medieval Bosnian tombstones) which, as few other books, contributed to the propre scientific understanding of our past.

Branko Bačanović is one of the most significant artist in the area of graphic design in Bosnia and Herzegovina and former Yugoslavia.