• Quiet Chair, Rukotvorine/Zanat

  • Quiet Stool, Rukotvorine/Zanat

  • Never Ending Always Young, Side Table, Arteco, prototype

  • Ombra Side Table, Zanat

  • Ora Shelf, Zanat

  • Ombra Boulevard Coffee Table, Zanat,


Jasna Mujkić

Jasna Mujkić (Cazin, 1972) is a professor of industrial design at the Department of Product Design of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. She deals with furniture design, where he focuses his interest on two fields, transformation and flexibility, as a relation between the functional and the aesthetic. Of special importance in the design work is the cooperation with the company Rukotvorine-Zanat, where it examines the structural value of the ornament and changing the character of the form using texture. In his work, he pays special attention to proportions. Ombra's table perhaps most vividly expresses her design philosophy.

...The top of the Ombra Coffee Table is constructed by joining together tiny “Penrose Prototiles” (Sir. Roger Penrose, a famous British mathematician).

The prototiles are aperiodic, which means that a shifted copy of the original set of prototiles will never look the same. The pattern does not repeat! 

The table is not decorated with ornaments; it is ornamental in its essence. Watching the surface of this table is like watching a river flow, the image is always the same but we never get bored. It resembles the scattered shade of a tree.

She is the author of the Textbook for Fine Arts, published by Sarajevo Publishing, officially approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and Science for use in schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She has exhibited her work at numerous international selective design exhibitions.

Significant exhibitions: 2013 The Next Wave: Industrial Design Innovation in the 21st Century, Washington DC,  exhibition of design projects; 2012 ICFF New York 2012, Manulution, Exhibition of Design Projects for Rukotvorine / Manulution, New York, U.S.A.; 2012 Pure Village, IMM Cologne, Exhibition of Design Projects for Rukotvorine / Manulution, Cologne, Germany; 2012 Boulevard of Innovations, exhibition of the winners of the Interior Innovation Award 2012, IMM Cologne, Cologne, Germany; 2011 COULEUR LOCALE - The Colors Of Europe In Objects, Identity of European countries presented through design projects, Budapest DesignWeek, Budapest, Hungary; 2011 ICFF New York 2011, Manulution, Exhibition of Design Projects for Rukotvorine / Manulution, New York, U.S.A.; 2011 BiH Pavilion, IMM Cologne 2011, Exhibition of design projects for Rukotvorine / Manulution, Konjic and Arteco, Tešanj; 2007 Jasna Mujkić, Field Armchaire, Salone Satellite 2007, Independent presentation of designers at the International Furniture Fair in Milan, avant-garde salon for young designers

She is the winner of the international award "Interior Innovation Award - IMM 2012", Cologne, Germany.