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Nataša Perković

Nataša Perković (Sarajevo, 1984) is a product designer who graduated and obtained her master's degree at the Product Design Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, where she was hired as an assistant professor in the subject Unique Design.

In its work, it strives to develop products of high aesthetic value, and to realize them in an innovative way in cooperation with various manufacturers. She cultivates a restrained artistic expression that is not subject to trend, in the hope that people will enjoy her products for many years to come.

Nataša Perković made her first professional steps at The Partners agency in London, and at the Cittadellarte Foundation - Fondazione Pistoletto in Italy. She has collaborated with the Royal College of Art Helen Hamlyn Center for Design in London and the Kyoto Design Lab, Kyoto Institute of Technology in Kyoto.

Studio Nataša Perković cooperates with producers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region. She has exhibited at numerous international exhibitions and fairs. Her products have been crowned with numerous international and domestic awards, and stand out: five ICONIC Interior Innovation Award, German Design Award Special Mention, Grand Prix for product design BIG SEE, Award for product design BIG SEE, Award for wood design BIG SEE, Gold the key to the Furniture Fair in Belgrade, the Grand Prix for furniture design of the Balkan Architectural Biennale, and the Grand Prix Collegium Artisticum.

The Elle dining furniture collection developed by Nataša Perković for MS & Wood is the most awarded design product in Bosnia and Herzegovina.