• Bobovac (sketch)

  • Shereffuddin White Mosque in Visoko (interior)

  • Bobovac - Bosnian knight

  • Table

  • Zlatko Ugljen (photo Goran Kukic)

  • Hotel Ruza (Rose, Mostar)

  • Candlesticks


Zlatko Ugljen

Zlatko Ugljen (Mostar, 1929). Graduated in 1958 from the Architecture Department of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Sarajevo. In 1960 he was appointed TA for architectural design I at the Faculty of Architecture. He was appointed assistant professor in 1970, associate professor in 1975 and full professor in 1985. He retired in 2000 and was appointed professor emeritus in 2001.

In 1985 he was appointed full professor of unique form design at the Department of Product Design of the Academy of Fine Arts. In 2002 he was elected full member of the BiH Academy of Sciences and Arts. In 2006 he was appointed associate member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and in 2007 associate member of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

In addition to teaching, he was active in architectural design. He has had 15 individual and 9 group exhibitions in the country and abroad. He has received 8 awards in architecture, including the Aga Khan Architecture Award 1983.

He designed more than 200 buildings, most notably those designed and constructed as total design: National Theatre Zenica (co-authored with J. Finci), 1974; Hotel Visoko in Visoko, 1974; Hotel Ruža in Mostar, 1975; Hotel Bregava in Stolac, 1975; BiH Executive Council residence in Tjentište, 1978; Šerefudin – White Mosque in Visoko, 1979; SFRY President’s residence “Gorica” in Bugojno, 1979; Planinski hotel Vučko on Mt. Jahorina, 1983; Hotel Kalin in Bugojno, 1983; Memorial School and Surgery in Prusac, 1999; Behrambeg’s Madrasa Mosque in Tuzla,1999; Retired Clergy Residence in Mostar, 2004; Plehan Religious and Cultural Centre in Plehan, 2005; St. Paul’s Church and Franciscan Monastery in Tuzla, 2006; Chapel of the Mostar Bishopric, 2006; St. Mark’s Church in Plehan, 2008; Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Angels, Nova Bila, 2009; Central Building of the Islamic Community in BiH, under construction; housing and business centre of Turali-beg’s Waqf in Tuzla, under construction; Church of St. Francis of Assisi in Žeravac, under construction; Vjeko Božo Jarak Gallery – Podkosa, Dubrava 2009; St. Clara’s Chapel in Svilaj, 2009; Catholic Chapel in Plehan, 2010. Selected projects: ULUPUBiH Exhibition Pavilion in Sarajevo, 1970; Catholic church in Mostar, 1972; Hotel Bethlehem, Israel, 1980; housing block at Bulevar proleterskih brigada in Zagreb, 1990; housing block in Nova Ves street in Zagreb, 1992; Hotel Monting in Maksimir, Zagreb, 1993; housing facility of the Azur printer in Zagreb, 1994; private home, Minusio, Switzerland, 1994; mosque in Stolac, 1994; Gama Gallery, Tuzla, 2002; Bijela tabija recreation centre in Sarajevo, 2004; Turalibeg’s Waqf centre, Tuzla, 2005; Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Tuzla, 2005-2008; Catholic church in Klepci near Čapljina, 2007; Catholic church at Brankovac, Guča gora, 2008. Group exhibitions: 1971 – Challenge: 20 Yugoslav Architects, Zagreb (Croatia); 1985 – Contemporary Yugoslav Architecture, New York (SAD), Jakarta (Indonesia), Beijing, Shanghai (China); 1992-1993 – Sacral Architecture Biennial: Architecture and sacral spaces in modernity, Venice (Italy); Munich, Berlin (Germany), London (UK); 1995 – Architecture for a Changing World, several cities in Asia, Africa and Europe; 1996-1999 – Architects of the BiH Academy, Sarajevo (BiH), Zagreb (Croatia), Maribor (Slovenia); 2006 – Architectural space and prayer, Pecs (Hungary); 2009 – Oris – idea (architectural drawings), across Europe; Balkanology – New Architecture and Urban Phenomena in Southeast Europe, Basel (Germany), Vienna (Austria); 2012 – Kubus oder Kuppel, Berlin, Germany; Mosque, Mosques, Stuttgart (Germany); Das Gemeinsame das es nicht mehr gibt, Vienna (Austria); Nedokončane modernizacije med utopijo in pragmatizmom / Unfinished Modernization Between Utopia and Pragmatism, UGM Maribor (Slovenia), Zadar (Croatia), Belgrade (Serbia), Ljubljana (Slovenia), and exhibition at MoMA museum New York: Toward a Concrete Utopia, Architecture in Yugoslavia, 1948 – 1980.

Selected (key) prizes and awards: 2006 – Special mention of the Sarajevo Canton for contribution to development of the Canton in the field of arts and science; 1985 – Diploma of the Association of Conservators of Yugoslavia for major contribution to protecting our cultural heritage; 1983 – Aga Khan Architecture Award 1983 – 27 July Memorial Award of BiH; 1980 – DAS Award; 1978 – 12 April Memorial Award of the City of Zenica; 1978 – Borba Federal Award in architecture; 1962 – Liberation Day memorial award of the City of Sarajevo; 1962 –ULUPUBiH award.