Design Drawings

Senad Muratspahić is a young and insufficiently known author to a wider audience. He graduated in product design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo in 2019. Even during his studies, he showed a special interest in design drawing. He worked on developing his drawing skills, in classical and digital techniques. The studio specifically dealt with character design and car design. In this selection of his works, we want to present his work to a wider audience, drawings that were created as sketches, but also works that have a high degree of representativeness.
As an author, he has knowledge about the role of drawings in design, the skill with which he can present the basic qualities of a designed product, but also adapt his drawing handwriting or style to the character of the topic or task.
Senad currently works as a freelance designer and artist focusing on 3D modeling and rendering.
He lives and works in Sarajevo.