836 works were submitted to the Yugoslav contest for the mascot of the Olympics. The expert jury headed by Prof. Mersad Berber and Prof. Ismet Dizdarević (among others), singled out six proposals, among which, in addition to Vučko, there were hedgehog, snowballs, weasel, chamois and lamb. The selected proposals were then published in all major Yugoslav newspapers so that citizens could vote for the proposal they liked the most. Vučko (5), the work of Jože Trobec from Kranj, was chosen by the majority of votes as the official mascot of the 14th Winter Olympic Games.

Elements of visual identity - logo, mascot, typography and color system defined by the Book of Standards were used in the design of all accompanying forms. Thus, Ivo Boras designed the system of traffic signs and signals. Fuad Hadžihalilović designed ID cards for all officials, accredited journalists and guests. Branko Bačanović designed the ticket system for Olympic competitions. Srđan Kokoruš, together with Branko Modraković, formed a creative group that designed numerous publications, under the artistic guidance of Prof. Mladen Kolobarić. Ismet Berbić worked on the design of acknowledgment cards. 

Mascot design Jože Trobec

Sarajevo '84


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