The TRIO design group made by Lejla Mulabegovic, and Dalida and Bojan Hadžihalilović started their work in the mid-eighties, during the study at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo. In the years to the beginning of the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992 - 1995), their work has become visible and recognizable in creations for albums of the Sarajevo Pop and Rock Group Bijelo dugme, Plavi orkestar, Bombaj štampa, Đino banana; posters for the theater performances of the Jugoslavensko Dramsko pozorište from Belgrade, the Theater Festival YU Fest (Director Ljubiša Ristić), and numerous cultural events. For the Mladina magazine (Ljubljana, Slovenia) they designed several covers.

The Trio design group spends the war in Sarajevo, cooperating with the Magazine DANI and design covers for this magazine. Along with these, they also design a series of posters that represent the appeal of Sarajevo's citizens referred to all over the civilized world - in Sarajevo, there are civilization values of the whole world! At the beginning of 1994, these posters are printed as postcards - Greetings from Sarajevo. This project also brought international recognition - the ICOGRADA Award, and their work did internationally known - and recognized.

Greetings from Sarajevo